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Key Note Campers

Alma Sommer

Founding Mother of the Jackalope Freedom Festival

Creator of Unschooling Arizona, Mother of Three Undocumented Humans and creator of the Undocumented Human Project. She is building Domes and Documenting Living off-grid, in Snowflake, AZ. She has experience traveling to and from Mexico without government forms for her children.

Tina Marie

Unschooling mom, and President of, dedicated to educating and empowering people to step outside the system that profits off keeping us sick.

Tim Picciott

Tim Picciott also known as The Liberty Advisor is a Red pilled financial advisor, content creator and podcast host that tries to wake people up from the fake Left- Right paradigm.


Youtube Channel Website Book

JayDreamerZ has been sharing his esoteric research with thousands on YouTube for over 5 years. He loves inspiring others to think outside of the box. Analytical & creative, JayDreamerZ presents unique and innovative theories on the occult, hidden history, etymology, conspiracies, fringe beliefs, prophecy, forbidden archaeology, alternative reality, the supernatural, and more!

Donna Hancock

Freedom Activist and the Magic Woman behind Freedoms Phoenix !!

Ernest Hancock

Ernie is OG in the Anarchist Space, and also one of the Original Jackalopes !! He Runs a Freedom Radio Show in Arizona.

Travis Walton

Author of Fire in the Sky and The Walton Experience

The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded.

Cortney Lowe

Nouveau Healing Hands

Courtney Lowe is a physical medium & offers her gifts to those in need. She has successfully located missing persons and connecting others with lost ones as well as spirit guardians. She specializes in all areas of energy work & healing. Courtney has studied for over 25 years in the opera and has learned to use her body as a vessel in helping others break up their vibrational frequencies and release through sound.

Larken Rose

Larken is an OG Anarchist YouTuber & Public Speaker, and he has written many great books on the subject including The Most Dangerous Superstition.

Amanda Rose

Amanda is Voluntaryist Activist who helps spread the ideas of Freedom all over the world.

Erin Nakamoto

Erin is a Cryptocurrency Advocate and Founder of Both the Anarchovegas and Cryptovegas Conferences as well as the Co-Founder of the Free and Open Social Media Platform Flote.

Kingsley Edwards

Co-Founder of the Free and Open Social Media Platform Flote, Anarchovegas and Cryptovegas.

Todd Wynn


Todd Wynn is a Lover of Liberty and Creator of Spontaneous Events, his home concerts go down in the books for some of the best memories ever created. Todd will be working on the Jackalope Stage this year as well as connecting musicians.

Tamara Lee Standard

Tamara is our Lead Yogi, running Yoga & Movement Classes all JackFest Long !!

Brandon Strabala

Author Dancing beyond Cancer

Madeline Sage McGrath

Creator of: RainbowFaeProductions Instagram Facebook

Event Entertainment! Such as Face painting, Balloon Twisting, and Crafting! Madeline will also be hosting a Poetry Slam, Anger Management and Emotional Development Seminar, including easy tools and coping strategies! In order to get closer to yourself and Others!

Shelton YouTube 4409


Event Entertainment! Such as Face painting, Balloon Twisting, and Crafting! Madeline will also be hosting a Poetry Slam, Anger Management and Emotional Development Seminar, including easy tools and coping strategies! In order to get closer to yourself and Others!

Colin Cantrell

Colin Cantrell is a software architect, engineer, musician and father, who started programming at the age of 11. He has experience in network development, social systems, security, decentralized networks, cryptography, quantum computing, and is a contributor to the IETF.

Eric Mccool

Let me go down.

Nicola Doula

Unschooling Mom and avid Jackaloper. Nicola and I met at Porcfest 2011-2012.

Brian New

Throughout the history of yoga, an authentic Yogi has often been one highly regarded as an essential spiritual guide, a mortal living example of his teachings that he advocates. Brian New embodies both the spiritual, metaphysical and yogi practices that he teaches. Brian has the ability for profound healing and transformation just by the touch of his hands. He creates and enfolds his clients in the most beautiful breath of sound and healing. Brian has an absolute love & gift for partner Thai yoga.


Haji will be returning this year to Jackalope! He will be speaking on: Microwave Radiation Warfare, Effects and Solutions And Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge, Community Design and Action.

Cassandra Burt

Alt Eats

Cassandra Burt, is a professional chef, turned full time mom and homemaker. Cooking has always been her passion, ever since childhood. Nostalgia is rich in the kitchen of most homes, but for her it was the epitome of her happiness. Spending time with her grandma, learning as much as she could, gave her the passion and drive to become a chef.

Tyler Bloyer

Freedoms Rising

Tyler Bloyer is a podcaster, father, and husband. Tyler’s podcast Freedom Rising touches on subjects that affect our every day lives.

Eva Partington

Healer and Reiki Practitioner

Etienne de la Boitie^2

Etienne is the Author of what might be the best Voluntaryist Book out there, “Government” The Biggest Scam in History Exposed.

Terri Judd

Yo Mammas

Terri will be offering smoothies, esspressos and more.

The Giving Pendant

The Giving Pendant project is about promoting experience and connection through the passing of these pieces of art. Doing so is intended to create a larger sense of community, compassion, empathy, support and creativity resulting in a more like-minded and harmonious planet. The concept of ‘non-attachment’ is the message that is crafted into each one of these intricate designs.

Ashley and Kristy Houlihan

Daughters of Renee Houlihan, Voluntaryist Agorists

Renee Houlihan

Samantha Rose Paprin

Divine Data

Jackie Kerouac

Road to Autonomy

We are Road to Autonomy magazine – A collective featuring writers from all walks of life sharing ideas of self-liberation, self-care, and self-sufficiency. We are a once a month, free online magazine and can be found at We have a podcast, RtA Radio that can be found on your favorite podcatcher!

Derek Grell

Life Beyond Predation: A Voluntary and Vegan World

Andrea Glasscock Garcia

Local Liberty Activist and Life Saver.

Wonder Melon


Wonder Melon is local to Taylor, Arizona. They offer a wide variety of fresh and juicy fruit, exquisite ingredients, natural juices, pico de gallo, strawberries with cream, crepes, sandwiches, Aguas frescas and more. 


OG Anonymous Activist #4409 is coming out of the Woodowork for this years Jackalope !

The Jackalope

Facebook Page Facebook Group Facebook Non Event

The Jackalope is said to be an antlered species of rabbit, sometimes rumored to be extinct. One of the rarest animals in the world, However, occasional sightings of this rare creature continue to occur, with small pockets of Jackalope populations persisting in the American West

Agorist Marketplace

Free to Vend Decentralized Marketplace at Jackalope


Grand Canyon Firewood

Orgone Knights

Phoenix Crypto

Ed Vallejo

Jackalope Elder

Contraband Joe

Agorist-roasted Coffee & Grey Market Merchandise

Voluntarist Brotherhood Motorcycle Club


This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

So many more wonderful jackalopes will be attending.