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Welcome to Jackalope

A voluntary society, twelve years in the making.

Founding Mother of Jackalope

August 1-14th


34.310778, -110.684722

Joining us this year!

Crystal Nations will be building a Rainbow Medicine Water Wheel to unify ALL Beings back to the Sacred Heart. This is not religious. It is universal, to bring global peace and healing. We are sovereign. No hierarchy. The Rainbow Medicine Wheel will honor the 7 Directions of the Wheel of life: North, East, South, West, Below, Above and Within. We will go around the Sacred Circle and invite every human being to say 3 prayers : for yourself, your loved ones, and for all global and humanitarian concerns or issues.

Crystal Nations will also be offering Social Emotional Education, through 8 Activation’s, Meditations and Visualizations. From 11-12 every day throughout Jackalope, all Moms and Dads, please bring your Children to learn how to regulate emotions with meditation, calming techniques, connecting with trees, Mother Earth, and Higher self. We will teach them how to navigate this world and learn about their energy field and teach them how to relate to others and take care of themselves.

Crystal Nations will offer Tarot /Oracle Readings set up in the Goddess Temple.

At night a team will offer guided Meditations and Crystal Sound Bowl Healing. They will be bringing their crystals, jewelry, and healing tools.

2023 Performers

Madeline McGrath
DJ Nasty Casty


“It’s a community of ideas, exchanged in a peaceful way. Everybody is welcome.”

~ Renee Houlihan

"Free to Camp, Vend, and Attend"