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Musicians Info

What you need to know:

Jackalope is completely FREE and organized by spontaneous order. Every year is different. Community members gather together to create a stage that musicians, speakers, and performers can access. We have a Basic PA system and generators or batteries to power the stage.

Each year Jackalope acquires a sponsor, and in the past, this has paid for the setup and equipment that Jackalope now owns.

If you are wanting to be compensated for your travel and time, the best thing you can do, is sell tickets on your website. Yes Jackalope is free, yes, people that didn’t buy your ticket will be there to see you play. This idea is to further the promotion of a completely voluntary society. So we highly encourage you to sell tickets to your concert for your performance at Jackalope. Other people come from all over earth to market their ideas, services, or agorist businesses. You have the opportunity to be heard by many new listeners.

If you decide to sell tickets, and you have a payment gateway system in place, we will promote the link on the website.

If you have any questions please join the Facebook group for musicians.