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Jackalope Freedom Festival 2022 Press Release

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Where spontaneous order happens.

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Jackalope Freedom Festival

Peace and Voluntaryism

Forest Lakes, Arizona
34.319778, -110.684722
August 1-14th

Free to Camp, Vend, and Attend!

The Eleventh annual Jackalope Freedom Festival is held in the cool pines of northern arizona. 40 miles east of payson, in the forest, between forest lakes and heber/overgaard. The historic Baca Family property facilitates the main camping area. Sites are picked on a first come first serve basis. The Baca family was known for housing and feeding people along the route between the two towns. This area allows people the opportunity to live in a completely voluntary society temporarily. At Jackalope you will experience liberty loving individuals coming together to connect with each other. This years theme is art and music. There are no registration fees, or camping fees. Jackalope is completely FREE to camp, Vend, and Attend. Any artists, activists, musicians, natural builders, land patent specialists, agorists and other freedom loving people are welcome to come. Jackalopes abide by the non-aggression principle. Musicians, speakers, and performers can access the stage through spontaneous order and are encouraged to organize among themselves. People barter/trade as well as accept silver, gold, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. So bring your goods and services. There will be a Jackalope Hunt for the kids, a Survival Shelter Competition, and a Mesh Network Competition.

There are no immediate bathrooms or showers in the area. Port a potty’s are acquired and donations are accepted. Showers are provided by individuals and donations are accepted. There is no water or electricity access. Bring your generators and RV’s if you need electricity! Humans are encouraged to bring things others traveling from far away might need access too. Any extra generators, tents, PA systems, lights, etc. The elevation is 7,600 ft there, it averages at 82 degrees! Don’t forget Food and Water!


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